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Mackinac Island Historical Sites and Buildings

While on Mackinac Island take some time to explore the island’s rich historical heritage. Enjoy live re-enactments of the soldier’s lives at Fort Mackinac, perched high on a bluff overlooking the Straits of Mackinac and the Mackinac Bridge. Step inside the buildings of Historic Downtown Mackinac and experience a time that isn’t so long gone, at least not on Mackinac Island.

Smell hearty stew cooking over an open hearth; run your hands over wool strands on a spinning wheel; hear the clanging of a blacksmith’s hammer as steel meets steel, and then try it yourself. Take time to smell the herb garden; ask questions; see original 18th-century French-Canadian architecture; hear the story of an accidental shooting that lead to a groundbreaking medical discovery. It all happened here—in these actual buildings. Make your story as unique as these buildings and the many experiences within them.

Mackinac Island Downtown Historical Sites

Little Stone Church
The Union Congregational Church on Cadotte Avenue is well-known at the Little Stone Church of Mackinac Island. This historic church was built in 1904 using local fieldstone. The Little Stone Church welcomes both residents and visitors to Sunday worship services. The beautiful field stone church also serves as a perfect setting for weddings. In 2016 they are [...] more...

McGulpin House
The McGulpin House is a gable-roofed French Canadian “pièce sur pièce, à queue d`ronde” (squared horizontal logs with dovetail corners) structure. It was moved from its east-end location behind Ste. Anne’s (“Lot 14”) to its present location in 1982. Based on its construction techniques, it is clear that the house was probably built around 1780, [...] more...

Biddle House
The exact date of construction of the Biddle House is not known. The lot was first owned by John Ogilvy, briefly sold to John Campbell, and then to Robert Dickson. The building is first documented in 1797, but may date to as early as the 1780s. A one and a half story, gable-roofed structure, [...] more...

Benjamin Blacksmith Shop
The Benjamin Blacksmith Shop was located on the west end of Market Street (just past Cadotte Avenue, on the south side on “Benjamin Hill.”). Originally known as “Star Blacksmith Shop,” it was sold by William Jackson to Robert Benjamin and Frank Cummins in 1885. In 1900 Robert’s sixteen year old son Herbert took over operation [...] more...

American Fur Company Store and Dr. Beaumont Museum
The Straits of Mackinac was a center of the fur trade from the late 1680s. Beginning in 1815 activity was centered in John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company (AFC). The company agent’s home, clerks’ quarters and warehouse were located at the center of Market Street. There furs were processed and trade goods assembled. The Retail Store [...] more...

Mission Church
Mission Church has been restored to its 1830’s appearance. Walk up and down the aisles and see the restored church in its 1830’s-era glory. Open a pew door and sit inside, enjoying the peace and quiet of a church from the past. Each family had their own pew, as evident when entering this [...] more...

Fort Mackinac
Inside the stately stone walls it’s a different time. The cannon blasts, the rifles fire, the soldiers march and history comes alive. The oldest building in Michigan and 13 other historical structures boast exhibits explaining everything from military training and battles to medical treatments to family life within the fort. More than just a military outpost, Fort [...] more...

For complete information on the historical sites on Mackinac Island, as well as events and ticket sales, visit the Mackinac State Historic Parks website or call 906-847-3328.


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