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Mackinac Island Ice Bridge to St. Ignace – 2011

The bitter cold temperatures of mid-January have brought to the residents of Mackinac Island the blessing of an ice bridge for the winter of 2011. We heard reports of early crossings via The Quilted Turtle blog and on Monday evening 9&10 News broadcast a story – complete with video clips of snowmobiles dragging Christmas trees across the snow – on the 2011 Ice Bridge.

Photo at right is from March 2009

Disclaimer: If you plan to cross from St. Ignace to Mackinac Island, please remember that the ice is never 100 per cent “safe” – even during the middle of winter. If you do not have any experience of traveling on the ice, make sure that you consult with someone with local knowledge who understands the risks.

The Quilted Turtle – Ice!
The first group of islanders crossed the ice this morning, driving the three or so miles from Mackinac Island to St. Ignace. They went slowly and stopped to spud as they went – finding between three and five inches of ice.

Ice Bridge Connects Mackinac Island to St. Ignace – 9&10 News – 1/24/2011
An ice bridge recently formed across the Straits of Mackinac, connecting Mackinac Island to St. Ignace. A group marked a path with trees Sunday. Besides a charter plane, the ice bridge is the only way to get off the island in the winter.

Ice Bridge – Mackinac Island’s Hidden Season (DVD)
Check out what it’s all about on this incredibly wonderful DVD by islanders Mark Rensel and Jenifer Silvernale. Get your copy here:

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